The Berceuse Room is a recording studio in Lincoln, NE and the creative home for Zach Lardy (record producer, bass player for VOTA, and vocalist of indie/rock band Sheridanway). 

Taking part in the growing music scene in the Lincoln/Omaha area, the studio has served songwriters and musicians both locally and nationally. The studio's control room and two tracking rooms were designed with acoustic consideration and hold both vintage instruments and professional studio gear. With a strong emphasis on songwriting, melody, performance, and creativity, The Berceuse Room is a special place for artists to come and have their songs brought to life.

Berceuse is a musical term that means "night song". These are the songs that stay with you your whole life. They have the ability to bring up memories, evoke emotion, and speak a common language. This is the mission of The Berceuse Room; to inspire musicians, artists, and creatives to not only make records, but to make great records that will last.